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To find out how Forex Signal Mentor can help you make more money, watch the video below.

"We Have Received So Much More Than We Initially Purchased"

Hi folks I have read many testimonials/comments written for various products I have considered purchasing in the past and have always wondered if they were true accounts or generated for marketing reasons. I can only hope that you believe what I have written.

I first met Loz on a trading forum and I was amazed at his generosity and genuine desire to help everyone. His shared strategies worked and my trading performance improved immensely. The very day I heard of Loz’s course I signed up.

The course can best be described in two halves namely Loz and Strategies.

Loz’s approach is down to earth. As a mentor you could not ask for more. He gives and gives. We have received so much more than we initially purchased. Loz encourages us all to ask questions and take part in live discussions. He is thorough in his teaching.

His strategies are amazing. They work and the great thing is that some are suited to shorter time frames while others are best for example on the daily charts. This allows each of us to choose based on our individual trading styles. His live trading videos are priceless as he shares his thinking behind each trade which then allows us to develop a trader’s eye when looking at charts.

This course is not expensive and the outlay is easily recoverable. Loz gives us the tools and environment for success however we must put the hours and effort in to achieve our goals. I have always believed in the potential of trading fulltime and with Loz’s support and tuition I sincerely believe that in 2010 I will achieve this.


Patrick, London

Are You Frustrated Being a Victim to Margin Calls, Vicious Whipsaws That
Leave You in the Group of 95% of Traders that CONSTANTLY Lose, whether it be Stock Trading, Commodity Trading, or Trading The Forex Markets?

Today is your lucky day...

"Forex Trading Veteran of 11 Years and Mentor Is Going To Prove That His Simple, But Yet EASY TO LEARN Day Trading Techniques Work For Anyone With Absolutely NO PRIOR TRADING EXPERIENCE!"

Forex Mentor Program

"But I don't know what Forex is..."

I hear you say? It's ok, I have proven many times over to people I can take on board anyone and take them from a level of not knowing what it is, who's confidence at a all time low, over thinking what looks complex (when it's not), to a level of pulling out profits as high as 80%+ after having a chat with me for a couple of hours...


Forex Signal Mentor Helps Newbie make 80%

"Immedietly After Applying His Strategy, In 1 Week I Made A Staggering $8525.53 Profit"

When I first purchased forex signal mentor I was a bit skeptical whether it would really work as I have no experience whatsoever in dealing with the forex market.

Loz assured me no experience is needed whatsoever and said I can jump straight in, so I purchased the course and got straight into it.

I was a bit confused at first after watching his videos and seeked Loz’s help for 1-1 mentoring, basically my problem was overthinking to much which was not required as Loz explained his strategies are simple, concise and easy to follow. Pretty much what you see is what you get. Whatever Loz shows in the video, you just do it, that simple.

I was about to give up, however after having a chat with him I felt a bit more confident and I decided to try out one of his strategies call the “Power trade”. Immedietly after applying his strategy, in 1 week I made a staggering $8525.53 profit ! I started with a $10k balance on a demo account.

Now this is only by using one of his strategies, I have not tried his other strategies yet and I believe the best is yet to come. If one of his strategies was able to make me this much money in 1 week I thought to myself, imagine the impact and damage I can do when I start applying his other strategies.

Although I am trading on a demo account, I truly believe when I am ready to go live I will be able to make those same gains and more.

For those of you that are having doubts about this course, I say give it a go. You have nothing to lose.
If I am able to do it with no forex experience, you can do it as well – the main thing is to approach these strategies with a open mind and stay focused and most importantly never give up!

If you have any doubts, Loz will always be there for you, his support is awesome, he gets straight to the point and makes it easy for you to understand. On top of the support you will have access to live group chats and the people in the group are fantastic and are always sharing ideas on trades so you are not alone when you feel lost.

Felix, Sydney Australia

I guarantee that if you're keen and you listen to me, you'll pull similar results out of the bag. Ok, they're not typical results, results will vary from person to person, but I'm really confident you'll do well regardless of your experience level trading the foreign currencies.


Watch Over My Shoulder As I Prove My Forex Strategies Work!

Below you will find a video which shows the trades that have been closed (most at profit). This quest started on the 12th October, 2009 starting with $10,000.00. The goal is to turn this into $1 Million in 2 years or less! Already the balance has exceeded 1100% profit!

YES 1100% PROFIT in a few short weeks.

If you join today, these actual live trading videos will be available to you instantly. Forex Signal Mentor not only takes you through this live challenge, but also provides you over a dozen videos showing you step-by-step how to find these very strong day trading setups for maximum profitability. The best part is, you seriously do not even need any prior experience! And I'll even hold your hand all the way through.

The Forex video below will be updated frequently - so be sure to pop back!
Unfortunately, to see how this is done, is only available to Members.

These are not typical results, your results may and most probably WILL vary


It’s your chance to take the Bulls (excuse the punn) by the Horns and suck every available P.I.P out of the Forex Markets with hardly any effort at all.


Forex Mentor Program Bundle


  • Gain Instant Access To 12 13 Extremely Powerful Day Trading Strategies.
    • 30 – 60 minutes Per Day Is All That’s Required To Generate Thousands!
  • Implement These Strategies Within The First 30 Minutes And Profit From It.
    • Videos Tailored To Those With No Experience, Simple And Easy To Follow!
  • Watch Over My Shoulder As I Explain The Reason Why The Trade Was Made.
    • Speed Up The Learning Curve With A FX Pro By Your Side Any Time You Want
  • Receive Instant Access To A Members Only Forum, Free: $97 p/mth Value.
    • Quality Content Supplied Regularly To Increase Your Success Rate
  • Regular Live Trade Examples Posted To Speed Up Learning Curve.
    • Markets Are Forever Changing Their Mood, Keep Up To Date Via Expert Advice
  • Watch The Profits Soar And Confidence Grow As Each New Trade Is Made.
    • Start Pumping Stacks Of Cash Into Your Bank Account Almost Immediately!
  • Earn As Little As $100 p/wk On $200-500 Starting Balance.
    • Following My Advice Will Easily Double Your Balance Every 1 – 2 Months!
    • Discover The Forex Blue Print To Successful Trades – Millionaire In Less Than 2 Years!
  • Eliminate Guess Work And Know What To Trade And When
    • Have A Guy Who Cares About Your Success Lend An Extra Hand
  • Set Your Own Hours And Work From Home, Or Whilst Travelling Using Your PDA/Phone
    • Give The Big Finger To Your Boss And Be Your Own Boss!
  • No Need For You To Have A Website, Or Any Special Training Or Previous Experience
    • Tailored For People With No Prior Experience, Simple And Easy To Follow Videos
  • 1-on-1 Mentorship & Group Skype Chat Sessions: Value $147 per month
    • I'll assist you via our Mon-Fri Group Skype sessions any time you want - FREE
  • Live Trade Assistance Calls: Value: $947 per month - FREE
    • I'll Confirm Any Signals You Find Before You Place Them, So You Make Money Faster!




"Forex Signal Mentor is exactly what I have been looking for"

Forex Signals Take Profit Levels Hit!

I highly recommend Forex Signal Mentor. Inside there are 12 videos that explain the strategies you will need to become successful and they are made in an easy to understand format that even someone like me can understand. No PDF documents to read just great videos.

After viewing only one of the strategies I was eager to get started and made 48 pips in 2 days. I feel very confidant that this course will give me the tools needed to become financially independant.
But that’s only the beginning!

The support is second to none.

In the Members Area are live trading videos where Loz shows you his strategies in action.
There is also a ‘Members Requests’ section designed to answer any questions members may have, once again answers are contained in video format.

On a personal level, I also received 2 private videos where Loz kindly analyzed my trades and pointed out areas where I could have picked up more pips.

As well, you are also given a Skype option wherein Loz will ‘look over your shoulder’ as you make trades.

Forex Signal Mentor is exactly what I have been looking for.

  • Easy to follow instructions
  • Different strategies for different market conditions
  • Superb support

So if you, like me, want to trade in Forex but don’t know where to start, or if you have tried Forex and failed, or even if you have experience but are looking to go to the next level, Forex Signal Mentor is for you.

John - From UK

Eric's New To Forex And Killing
The Forex Markets BIG TIME!


Erics forex course training online forex statement




From The Desk of Loz Lawn
Location: Forex Signal Lab
Tel: 1-336-432-2145

Dear Friend,

Today is the day to face some sad, but true facts.

The world is so screwed up right now, people are losing jobs left and currently the unemployment rate in the US alone is 7.9%. They’re saying it could hit the 10% mark.

Just recently two of my friends had their houses taken from them - foreclosures due to losing their jobs. A few of their friends have also lost their jobs and are turning to the Internet for that solution to help replace the big hole created by our Governments.

Being a 9-5 slave is no fun. What’s worse is busting your rear end for some faceless company. It’s pure insanity. What’s even worse is that in this economy – and despite your hard work and loyalty – your boss can, with a snap of his fingers, show you the door and tell you to never come back.

You cannot put yourself in that situation - we all need security. You’re going to be a sitting duck unless you do something right now.

Earn Extra Money Trading Forex While Sleeping

What have you got left for yourself and family to fall back on? IRAs? ROTHs? If you have, you’re doing yourself more harm than good. These Government programs are scams (what I mean by this is they are not giving you the true value back on your Dollar), pull that money out immediately. I’ll show you how to make double or more what these guys pay you in a year, in a day or two.

Notice the trade I point to in the picture above? $5,945.00 while I was asleep. You can copy my exact trade set ups just like the one above that made me almost 2 months wages for some people, in under 3 1/2 hours.

Forex Signal Mentor was designed to help newbies at heart, with no prior or little experience, or who don’t even know what Forex is (trading currency pairs like Euro vs US Dollar, Great British Pound vs US Dollar, etc.)

Why Listen To Me And Start A New Venture
In The Forex Industry?

I've expanded my field of research and development to include some of the never seen before day trading techniques that can leave your Family and close Friends screaming for an answer how you managed to buy that new Car, new HD Plasma TV, a new Extension on the House, the Dream Wedding that they thought you couldn't afford, until now!

You could go and buy some other course that’s being promoted heavily that shows you how to make $3,000 - $5,000 in a space of a few hours, or you could listen to me over them, why?

First, if you’re new to the Forex, to make $3-5k in a few hours or so you need to be either:

  • Over-leveraging Your Account
  • You have a huge balance

Chances are that most people do not have a huge balance to begin with, but they try by over-leveraging their account, getting too greedy. There's too much focus online within the Forex industry on “how much you can make.”

Listen, TO HELL WITH THAT! It's NOT about what you can make, although that will come on its own. It's about how many successful trades you can make. Not how many pips you can make, this is not some competition, boasting a 100 pip gain in one trade. Who cares! Let them boast…and soon realize their big ego just blew their account out of the water a week later.

Secondly, you stand to make more money here than anywhere in the world. Trading the Forex, if done properly, is like waking up in the morning and printing your own checks that would leave your bank manager grinning from ear to ear!

Third, I have been trading now for 11 years. I have tried every possible combination of Trade setups imaginable. I know what works, I know what doesn't. I know when to get into a trade, I know when to EXACTLY get out of a trade.

Below shows a Skype Group Chat Session that you can be apart of. This was around 9:16PM EST November, 9th 2009, which you will have access to, at no extra cost - but for a limited time only.

You can even back check this data on your own chart, or ask someone if this call was for real by mentioning this website or the GBP/USD pair prediction that made me $5,945.00 while I was asleep.

Skype Group Chat Forex Prediction


How would you like a piece of the $3.21 Trillion that's traded on a daily basis?


Quote Directly From Wikipedia.org

According to the Bank for International Settlements,[2] average daily turnover in global foreign exchange markets is estimated at $3.98 trillion. Trading in the world's main financial markets accounted for $3.21 trillion of this. This approximately $3.21 trillion in main foreign exchange market turnover was broken down as follows:

* $1.005 trillion in spot transactions
* $362 billion in outright forwards
* $1.714 trillion in foreign exchange swaps
* $129 billion estimated gaps in reporting


I Can Show You Exactly How To Take
Advantage Of The Markets


You need someone to mentor you to the path to successful trades. That would be me. Following my successful blueprint to profitable trades will set you apart from tens of thousands of traders out there and will push you up in the 5% of those who consistently win! It's these guys / gals who have their head screwed on and don't have a big ego!

Don’t be misled by these other sites saying you can make a fortune over night, it takes time.

So let’s be realistic, a rare commodity these days who offer Forex Tutorials to spot those trading signals.

I can’t promise you that you’ll make thousands in a few hours, a day, or even a month, but I can promise you that if you follow my easy to follow forex training videos that show you the Spot It, Click  It, Profit From It System, and ask me questions,  I’m quite confident you’ll make $100 a day no problem.

In fact, it’s one of my goals to make sure that each of you do reach this level before we move on to the next level. Baby steps first, then we can go for Gold afterwards. Which reminds me, there’s a very valuable tip that helped me generate $50k and some loose change in 10 days.  You can access this information via the Members Only Access Forum.

You need to get your hands on these set of Videos that you can download right now which shows 12 very powerful techniques to get ones edge on the Foreign Exchange markets during hours that suit you. In fact, the videos contain even more strategies I use to find those high probabilty profitable trades!

Did I say you don't need any experience?

So get ready... We'll be sucking very available P.I.P out of Currencies like EUR/USD (Euro vs U.S Dollar), GBP/USD (British Pound vs U.S Dollar), USD/CHF (U.S. Dollar vs Swiss Franc), USD/JPY (U.S Dollar vs Japanse Jen), etc. on a daily basis - except weekends of course!


So why is Forex Signal Mentor So Powerful?


  • Probably you have a causal, part-time, or full-time job and you want to build your trading account before making the move to a full time trader, or maybe you just want to spend time with your family. Whatever situation you are in the FSM only requires a few moments of any day that suits you to check for setups and adjust any open positions based on the times noted in these videos.

  • So simple a 10 year old could understand, unlike other unnecessarily complicated forex systems which leave you lost and in the dark. The FSM has been developed with step by step video tutorials to make it especially easy to learn so that anyone could follow the instructions and be ready to start building wealth in this fantastic and highly profitable industry within 1 hour.

  • The Forex Signal Mentor (FSM) doesn't use complicated trading indicators. The FSM method uses unique precision entry techniques to give a very accurate perception of what emotion is in the market at any given time. You will know exactly when to get in, when to get out and when to stand aside from the market.

  • Say Good bye to those stressful days of watching the charts for hours upon hours desperately waiting for a setup. Implementing the FSM strategies today you will often catch trades with very HIGH probability of winning with no effort at all while still spending your entire day doing things you enjoy.

  • These Forex trading strategies have been rigorously tested over and over, they will consistently grow your trading account and you can relax with the knowledge that you will be following a solid and profitable forex trading method.


Forex Mentor videos Forex Mentor Example Videos Forex Mentor $1million challenge


Forex Signal Mentor, Day Trading Signals


How Many T-Shirts Does It Take
To Be A Successful Trader?


I’ve been there, done it, wore enough T-Shirts to start my own T-Shirt Factory. Losing is never nice. I’ve lost my ‘Shirt’ many times in the forex markets, only because:

  • 1) I didn’t know any better
  • 2) Didn’t have control of my emotions
  • 3) Got Greedy and over-leveraged my account
  • 4) Chased the market and lost
    ... I could go on and on.

It was time for a change. I got fed up buying Forex Trading Signals to only find out my account was blown out of the water based on others recommendations, I even tried the opposite of their recommendations... and Murphy’s Law popped by to say “Hi, allow me to blow your account out of the water”...

Thanks Murph!

...You don’t have to go through what I went through!


I’ve Done All The Studying So You Don’t Have To – Just Copy My Strategy To The ‘T’ And I Assure You,  You’ll Have A New Lease On Life. No More Frustrations, No More Bills To Pay – EVER! Debt Free Life!

I’ve studied long and hard for many years, 11 years come February 2010. I’ve made probably every mistake that could be made. It cost me a fortune (and we’re not talking peanuts here either, we’re talking low to mid range 6 figures over the years, which is enough to make anyone’s eyes water, or even commit suicide for that matter). How would you handle a $200k loss?

Yup, $200k was just one of the losses I had back in the adolescent days when I didn’t know any better.

I tried really hard to work out what the problem was.

My Signals were perfect, well, most of them at least, hitting 70%-90% perfect trades.

I got impatient, was desperate for money, the need for money lead to more mistakes.

You wont be making those mistakes, I promise you!


Questions & Answers


I'm constantly flooded with emails & Phone calls about the Forex Signal Mentor, so to help save you some time so you can get started as soon as possible, I've listed below some common questions about FSM.

Question: Loz, why are you making these strategies available to the public if they are so successful?

Answer: First, I'm limiting the amount of copies, once they're gone, that's it, they're gone. Secondly, there's so much B.S out there these days, it's hard to know who to listen to. It takes so much time to try out other people's strategies to find that most do not work. I've tried and tested over 200 different types of strategies, and only a small selection of them are profitable, with high probability of winning. Third, times are really tough right now, people need to find a new source of income since our Economy is so messed up, jobs being lost left and right. I want people to find a simple method of making as little as $100 a day extra. Prime example of how simple these strategies are, you can click the contact link at the bottom of this page and view the trading journal and see one customer, with no prior experience with the Forex, has made huge progress already on his demo. He's estatic right now, you'll see why when you visit the forum.

Question: How much money do I need to get started with forex?

Answer: You can start for, ready? For as little as $1 on a micro account, $25 on a Standard account, $1k on a ECN (Electronic Communication Network) account. BUT, yes, a BIG BUT. I highly recommend you start off with a Forex Demo / Practice Account first with virtual money.

Then when you are ready to go live, you will have me by your side confirming any Forex Entry Signals that you find so you start off making money from the set go!


Question: What average win % can I expect using the Forex Signal Mentor Strategies?

Answer: Using the FSM strategies you can expect approximately 60% winning trades - this is just to start - the more practice you get you may not be far off from what I produce daily.

Question: How many trade opportunities do your strategies produce?

Answer: There's so many I've lost count, it really doesn't matter during the 12-14 hours of active times in the market, you could be presented with at least 30 opportunities on the faster currency pairs. We only need to catch one of those, then call it a day! Notice the image above? You'll be doing the same thing. Problem these days, people get too greedy after quite a few of good winning trades and blow their account out of the water. My rock solid strategy prevents ones ego from getting too big!

Question: Will this method work with other markets like futures and stocks?

Answer: Most definitely, the technical analysis used in Forex, is the same as that of Stocks and Futures. I've personally not traded those though, but I have seen heaps of videos via YouTube people trading stocks and futures using same strategies as those who trade the forex markets.

Question: Do you offer a 1 on 1 mentoring service?

Answer: Yes, welcome to Forex Signal Mentor! :-) This mentoring service only lasts for 12 months!

Question: What is a P.I.P?

Answer: “Pip” means a percentage in point, usually the last decimal place in a Forex price quote via a 4 digit broker. Or the 2nd but last digit via a 5 digit broker. Some refer it to "Price Index Point". A Measurement in which you can track your gains and or losses.

Unsolicited Testimonial


Ryan Shocked The Forex Markets By Pulling Out 35.37% With No Prior Experience

Ryans forex account


Your results may vary though. Ryan is a perfect example of someone who's trying to take action - are you taking action? Ryan is like many of those on the internet aspiring to secure their future with something else other than their 9-5. In fact Ryan got laid off work not too long ago. He's tried all sorts of things to make money, PPC (Pay Per Click), Internet Marketing, etc., and one thing is sure which I am sure he'll agree, it took him less time to Study these strategies to get to where he is now, than it did trying the latter.

Actually he only tried a few of the 12 strategies, and I look forward to seeing his forex reports in a few months from now to see if he pulled all the stops out of the bag to hit $1k or more a week mark.
For a lot of people $353.76 is not a lot of money for a weeks work. But when you consider it took him less than 8 hours during the entire 7 seperate week days to find these trade set ups, that's a lot of money, in fact $44.22 per hour.

Did I say that this was in his FIRST WEEK!?

That's 35.376% in 7 days ROI. Well done Ryan, keep up the good work!


I Finally Cracked The Code So I Could Reap In $100k Here, $100k There Every Month!

Forex Trading Earnings


Weeks go by, doing some soul searching, learning how to control a need to not be a need. Knowing when to act on a trade, and when to not to even if there is a forex entry signal. This way I can control two things:

  • A set plan, i.e,. 1 trade a day, or 20 pips a day, or whatever
  • Strengthen my discipline to carryout the solid strategies that make the winning trades majority of the time

So I decided to create this mini Forex Course for people who didn’t want to know all the in’s and out’s of the Forex markets. For people who want a “Spot it, Click it, Profit from it” system without knowing all the Fundamentals. A Course for anyone who doesn’t know what Forex is, and still profit from it.


It's like a short-cut to "all I need to know about trading in Foreign Exchange succsessfully

It's like a short-cut to "all I need to know about trading in Foreign Exchange succsessfully". One just has to understand them and apply them with discipline, by using indicators from the package,and having in mind all other factors explained in videos { watch where to put stop losses,take care on Money Menagement and Risk/Reward Ratio} make the Big Picture and success is guarantied. When this man speaks everybodey listen,so listen carefully ! Every word is important and you don't wanna miss a thing.

Dusan - Strasbourg, France

Dusan, is initially from Syberia, now living in France. He's already tried Forex before and was fairly successful, but I guess he's a little like me, always wanting to learn new strategies.

He added an additional 1200 pips in the first month just using one of my strategies. That's how powerful they are.

Are you ready to take on a new venture with my constant help?


Have You Reached Your Goals In Life?

A lot of people have set financial goals but sadly, many don't get a chance to achieve them. I'm pretty sure Ryan's going to be setting his goals higher now that he's found a pretty simple and straightforward method to reach them.

I've reached mine and excelled beyond what I thought was capable within the Forex Exchange Markets. Forex trades approximately $3.2 trillion dollars on a daily basis. That’s more than stocks, commodities, etc., put together. It would be a pleasure to show you how it's done with 12 of my best trading techniques – so you can reap a share of that $3.2 trillion..

Most people would settle for making an extra $100 a day. If I can do it, if Ryan can do it, if Eric can do it, if John can do it, if my students can do it, you can too.

I'm not promising you will see a huge bank balance short space of time, but if you let me show you how to control ones emotions and act when I say act on a trade in these forex videos, I personally feel really confident in a short space of time you'll be ready to trade live for as little as $1 on a micro (Mini) live forex account before you move on to a standard live account ($25 starting balance).


"By following the advice given I was able to get 65 pips today"


I watched the morning notes part 1,2 and 3 videos from the live trades videos this morning. By following the advice given I was able to get 65 pips today . 15 winners and 4 losers. The live trade videos are a gold mine of info. I missed at least another 100 pips in trades that I didn't recognize in time. Time to sleep now.

Thanx Loz

Mike - Arizona, USA

Forex Trading Signals produced 65 pips

Now Mike is a complete newbie at Forex. He joined Forex Signal Mentor on 7th November. And started to apply my strategies by the 9th November. In 4 days of trading, he made just a little over 110 pips. Now this might not sound like much to most experienced traders, but to do this in the first 4 days of watching my videos is nothing short but amazing and proof once again you do not need any experience trading the forex at all.

My Forex Mentoring program is designed to all walks of life, regardless if they've tried the forex before or not.

Take action today and let me take you by the hand and show you how it's done.


Have You Honestly Done All You Can To Secure Your Future?


Fast forward today, it's your chance now to secure a new venture, a venture that could possible put more than $100 a day into your pocket with very little work.

If you do not make $100 a day with my strategies within 4 weeks on your own, I'll be happy to hold your hand for as long as it takes to show you.

I'll tell you which of the 12 strategies is developing, when to act, where to place your buy order, sell order, what take profit levels to set, and the appropriate stop loss levels based on the risk to reward ratio.

I will add before I move on, the reward to risk ratio in each of these strategies are extremely high. When you use them all together, they take an extreme force to stop these trades from hitting huge amounts of profits that you will make.

Remember that $5,945.00 GBP/USD trade above I made while I was asleep? The reward to risk ratio on that trade was 3 to 1.


Ignore The Big Companies - They Only Want You To Trade Their Forex Platforms


There are many courses out there that teach you Forex, or at least try to show you how to trade the Forex Markets. Some of these courses cost $10,000 up to $25,000 just for a short 3 - 5 day seminar, or online course.

Some of the big guns such as FXCM, a Forex Broker, have "tried" to teach people for as much as $25k for a 7 day course - and failed. As some months went by I started to read comments how customers never did that well after paying for a course offered by such brokers, and after the 7 days they never received any future support, UNTIL they opened a LIVE Forex account with them.

The only difference between me and those big Forex Brokers is, they're after your money. I want to help you make money. Plus I have the time available to give you unlimited support, you will not get this anywhere else.

Full Support From The FXWIZ

And best of all, you’ll have me by your side during most of the trading hours and off hours (weekends) to ask any questions you have on your mind. I’m persistant to make you succeed.

I’m not like many product owners who are after your money and to ignore you when sending them a question via email. I actually want you to make money and take action because this Mini Forex Course is so easy to implement even a 8 year old can carry out the tasks.

Contact me via the Forum, Phone (1-336-432-2145), Email, Skype, I’m here almost 24/7

Forex Mentor Program


Mastering Forex Is Easier Than It Looks


It only requires that you can understand and recognize a pattern that emerges in the markets very regularly, so they’re not hard to remember. Spot It, Click It, Profit From It!

You see, people don’t want to learn jargon - they find it confusing, along side why a particular indicator was designed the way it was.

They want a strategy they can implement right now without taxing their brain. If a round circle appears in a wooden block, you plug it with the right shaped peg. That’s exactly what we are doing here. It’s kindergarden stuff, honestly!

Forex Is The Largest Investment Opportunity
In The World! Respect It!


With over $3.2 trillion traded Monday thru Friday, week after week, we don't need to rush things. It's far more stable than any Stock you've heard of...

Think Long Term. It’s not a rush. Forex markets will still be here tomorrow, the next day, the next year and many years after, it’ll never crash like the Stock Markets, so why rush it. I know $3.2 trillion dollars that’s traded on the forex markets is a lot of money and one wants to get their hands on it as quickly as possible, but let’s be realistic.

You don’t want to blow your account at the beginning, or at any stage. Follow my rules, and I’m pretty sure within 4-8 weeks you could go live with a $200 - $500 deposit into a standard or mini live forex account and I’ll show you how to make at least 10% minimum per month!


Do What I Do! And Watch The Money Pour In!


Did you know that if you compounded 5% of your balance on each new trade on a $1,000 balance, you’d have $158,500.00 profit in 40 weeks?

Hey, even if you lost 20% of your trades during this 40 week period, you’d still walk away with $100k. That $100k will easily turn into a million the following year!

I’ve already done it, it took approximately 67 trading weeks to reach that 7 figure mark.


The $1 Million LIVE CHALLENGE!

And Guess what? I’m going to do this LIVE – AGAIN!!! It may take me up until 2011 to show via the Forum that you’ll have special access to valued at $97 p/mth at no extra cost, watch the trades, and follow along!

When you see me do it in real time, these strategies will be even easier than ever to carry out.
You can’t miss out on this incrediable opportunity.

It’s the right time now to take a leap of faith, to start thinking about securing another money belt under your Trousers – Everyone is facing dire straight moments with how the Ecomony is at the moment, Jobs being lost left and right, people’s houses being foreclosed.

No one, and I mean no one that I have seen goes to such lengths to help their Customers, they  “talk the talk”, but can I really “walk the walk”. It’s time for me to shut up and put my money where my mouth is!

Interested in seeing this happen?

Forex Signal Mentor Million Dollar Challenge

These are not typical results, your results may and most probably WILL vary

This is an exclusive extra to Forex Signal Mentor.
$50,000 value!

I’m going to take a $10k balance, and follow my rules to the letter as I hope each of you do too and push this balance up and beyond $1 million!

The value alone from this is just as or if not more educational than the entire Forex Signal Mentor Package. You’re looking at least $50k to see this happen if you were go buy else where. You get this absolutely free of charge!


I Was Told The Other Day That I'm Nuts
To Show You These Strategies.


I could very well sell these set of Forex Training Videos for $1,997.00, even though I was told they're worth way more than that. But I'm not going to.

The Economy is in a very bad shape right now, it's hard enough with rising Oil Prices, and these extra added taxes springing up all over the place by year 2010 is going to hit people harder than they think...

Wages aren't going up, so how are you going to afford the things you want?

How many times have you tried to make more money but it became too difficult, time was an issue, or you didn't have the resources to push yourself to the next level because it required more money?

I've been there, it sucks. I got fed up going around in circles, I needed something as secure as the Forex to help me say goodbye to my troubles. It took a bit of work, but by-gum did I crack the forex code!

Let me tell you right now, I'm going to give you these videos for a very small one-time fee, and if you act right now you will receive these mind blowing, easy to follow sure fire strategies that will put your mind to rest and on the path to making the money you need to make, when you want, where you want, with all the support and resources you will need, and free access to the $97 per month forum.

4 Weeks Into Jov's Training Secures over 200 pips

Forex Trading Forum


Add My 12 13 Secret Set Of Killer Pip Sucking
Videos To Your Arsenal And Walk Away A Winner!

Each of these videos are jammed packed with precise information, geared to help you follow my successful forex trading blueprint and take action immediately...

Here’s what’s on the menu – Choose Any, or study them all. Got a spare 10 – 20 minutes? That’s all it takes to know exactly what to do in each of these videos.


Forex Mentor Module 1 Top Secret video 1: A Strategy that works extremely well on 4HR & Daily Time Frames. I love this strategy. I found myself where days I just didn't have the time to do much else, chores, personal life stuff got in the way to concentrate for 2-4hrs a day (If that). If there's any a time that you are looking for 50+ more pips in any one trade, this is for you. A set and forget system.
Value: $497.00
Forex Mentor Module 1 Top Secret Video 2: A good strategy that works well in the early Trading Sessions (London Trading Session, 3am EST) to early afternoon 11am - 1pm EST. So whether you're on your way to Work (preparing to quit after you study these strategies), College, University, or during your Lunch Break, easy 20 - 90 pips can be made via 15, 30, 60 minute time frames respectively.
Value: $497.00
Forex Mentor Module 1 Top Secret Video 3: Ideal for anyone who has the odd 1 - 2 hours spare towards late morning, early afternoon Eastern Time. This strategy alone, should your patience suit, turning a $1k balance over a course of 40 trading weeks to $158,500 is very possible.
Value: $497.00
Forex Mentor Module 1 Secret Video 4: POWER TRADES Awesome strategy for those on the Go, want to make some of the easiest money ever? This strategy came to me while I was asleep, there's no one on this planet (other than those who are trying my course) know this. It's a laser targeted non-emotional trade set up. The rewards of this strategy are extremely high. Perfectly tailored to 15, 30 minute time frames. Higher time frames such as the 4Hr also work well.
Value: $997.00
Forex Mentor Module 1 Top Secret Video 5: A Strategy for all lifestyles. Whether your busy, or Travel alot, and find the odd 20 - 40 minutes to take a look at a chart to see if this trade set up has appeared can make you more than what you make in a week days wage in a day.
Value: $597.00
Forex Mentor Module 1 Secret Video 6: HANG THE BROKER If you happen to miss the trade set up in Secret Video 5, Secret Video 6 will help catch the reversal. Very little time is needed, to be completely honest, if you do not see this set up within the first 5 minutes or a potential set up is not viewable, stand at ease and go back to what you were doing. But when these set ups do appear, you can take the cash all the way to the Bank.
Value: $597.00
Forex Mentor Module 1 Top Secret Video 7: A very powerful technique, shows huge potential, suitable mainly for 1hr and 4 hr time frames, these only appear every once in a while at certain places in the market. If you catch this, don't forget to reward yourself with a nice Family Holiday.
Value: $697.00
Forex Mentor Module 1 Top Secret Video 8: Whether it be 40 - 60 minutes available, or if you want to spend an hour or two practicing this very solid technique, 3 - 10 trades a day at 20 pip take profit levels will easily put you on that $158,500 path in less than 40 trading weeks. This technique probably has to be one of my favorites.
Value: $997.00
Forex Mentor Module 1 Top Secret Video 9: Another awesome laser targetted, emotionless strategy that complements Secret Video 8 in a big way, when you watch this video you'll be even more confident carrying these trades out.
Value: $997.00
Forex Mentor Module 1 Top Secret Video 10: A nice filler strategy to act on, not as regular as the others, but nice all the same. In this video I have also included an extra strategy as well. BTW, each of these videos are covered with Bonus content / Strategies.
Value: $497.00
Forex Mentor Module 1 Secret Video 11: IMACD BREAKOUT I get some of my best ideas late at nite. This strategy alone is the type of strategy that anyone can follow. Stay at home Mom? Child Minder? No matter what you do, if you're busy but have 15 minutes or so to check the charts, when this set up appears. Please remember me, and let me know how you got on in 40 weeks, did you hit the $158,500? Suitable for 15 minute time frames for those who want more action, customized to as high as 4HR time frames for those who are on the go and only have a few moments of each day to check their PDA / Phone, or who are on lunch for this set up. Handle with care, do not abuse, this strategy is probably one of the most powerful ones here.
Value: $1,497.00
Forex Mentor Module 1 Top Secret Video 12: This is a beautiful set up. They happen quite a lot. stable time frames generally occur on 1Hr and 4HR time frames with 100+ pips on the cards per trade. Lower time frames such as 15 Min and 30 Minute can be used, but you'll have to stay a alert more. When you see these you'll know strategy away what the market sentiment is and help you become a better day trader.
Value: $997.00
Forex Mentor Module 1

Top Secret Video 13: The Awesome Trader. Just recently added to add more value for your buck.

This strategy is so laser targeted and emotionless, pure mechanical trade set ups, set and forget and watch those dollars pour in like clock work, works great on 15 minute all the way up to monthly time frames. 20 to 700 pips can be made here. I guarantee you this strategy alone will pay for this course in the first month!

Value: $997.00

Forex Mentor Module 2 $1 Million Live Challenge: A HUGE set of videos, approx 1-5 a week will be made for 12-18 months. A Full on video Swipe File, watch every move I make. Goal is to turn a $10k balance into a cool $1 Million inside 2 years!
Value: $50,000.00
Forex Mentor Module 3 Bonus Content Videos: I've also included about 8 more strategies throughout these videos. When you use all of these together you'll become far more efficient as a day trader which will put you on that path you want to go down - a financially debt free life. If an hour a two a week is all you have available, just using one of these strategies above or in the bonus content inside these videos will put you on track and help relieve the burden of our troubled enconomy.
Value: $997.00


No matter who you are, where you live, your lifestyle, there's a strategy to suit any trading style!

You wont see this anywhere else. I've seen $197 Forex Videos hit the internet by storm, and they only showed ONE strategy. I'm throwing in 12 fully packed, nailed to the wall, sure fire ways to crush the forex markets with absolutely no trading experience, plus extra strategies thrown in. There's at least 20 strategies here, for the fraction of the $197 cost that a lot of people are charging!

It's not about me, it's about you and supplying you with 1,000 times more value than any other product put there within the forex market industry! Or any industry for that matter!


Unsolicited Testimonial

Living in JamaicaI've bought much more expensive courses and havent had this type of interaction.

Lisa, from Ocho Rios, Jamaica


The Support you receive alone is worth more than the price tag!

That's $12,355.00 of Training Forex videos for fraction of the cost. Not including the $1 Million Challenge Videos, or the support given either.

The $1 million Live Challenge Videos valued at an easy $50,000.00. I mean, would you pay $50k to learn how to make a million inside two years?

A month to month mentoring program would cost you $1,997.00 per month, $23,964.00 per year. But I'm throwing this in for free. Contact me on Skype for one to one live chat sessions.

I'm not sure how longer I can keep the price ridiculously low, but one thing for sure, time is running out.

Download these videos instantly to your PC and start securing a second method that will always be here for you to make that extra money you need. The Forex Markets will be here for ever, but will your day job?

Consider working from home, your own hours. Watch me over my shoulder, ask questions 7 days a week, and I'll mentor you for as long as it takes.


Retail Value:
Yours today for only $97


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P.S. $97 is not a lot of money when you really consider the true value of these videos and how much money it can make you. Ryan is a perfect example of a newbie into the Forex Industry, knowing nothing about it at all and spending approximately 8 hours during 7 week days he was able to pull in $356.76. Short of remarkable. If he can do this, I know you can too.

P.P.S. Times are tough for a lot of people. I want to help you make some more money. I don't care how long it takes to help you. I know I will be able to show you how to pull a minimum of 100 pips out a week, that's 20 pips a day, if you will allow me to.


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